Armed Citizen Shoots Armed Robber in Head


Armed Citizen Shoots Armed Robber in Head

Kansas – An armed robbery in a Wichita store was reportedly interrupted by an armed citizen who fired at the four thugs, hitting one in the head.

A police spokesman described the incident:

A customer was in line when four individuals came in at gunpoint and demanded money. The citizen also got robbed and the citizen pulled a gun and shot at the suspects.

[One of the suspects was shot in the head but was not killed.]

In our state here in Kansas, we do have open carry and carry concealed. So individuals breaking the law may never know when someone in line at a store, in this example, (has a gun). That’s what happened in this case.

The three fleeing crooks took the citizen’s wallet as well as cash from the store, and it’s not known whether any of those three were struck by the good guy’s bullets.

The article reports the injured thief “was taken to a hospital in critical condition.”

Score one more for the good guys. Too bad the other miscreants got away with the loot.

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