Republican Senator Rubio Pushes for More Gun Confiscation


Republican Senator Rubio Pushes for More Gun Confiscation

Hailing from my home state of Florida, which recently had oppressive new gun laws thrust upon it by its Republican legislature and governor in 2018, Sen Marco Rubio is apparently poised to join forces with Democrats to enact even more so-called “red flag” (or “red dawn”) laws, which enable the legalized theft of firearms from citizens who have not been charged with any crime whatsoever.

In less than 4 months in 2018, the terrible new laws had caused more than 450 Floridians to be disarmed without due process. Pretty much what bump-stock-banning Donald Trump called for himself. And they’re just getting started. At least one Maryland man has been shot and killed by police during such a raid.

Instead of working to reverse such travesties, Rubio introduced a gun control bill “that seeks to encourage states to pass red-flag laws that would make it easier for courts to disarm” citizens without due process.

Rubio’s bill wishes to use Federal tax money to finance these “red dawn” laws in states which enact them.

Florida state lawmakers passed a red-flag law after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Rubio’s bill, reintroduced on Thursday, would provide federal funding to help other states implement similar laws.


Rubio first introduced the bill in March [2018], but it did not pass. Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson also supported the bill. Nelson lost his re-election bid to outgoing Republican Gov. Rick Scott, who signed Florida’s measure into state law.

A dozen states have laws allowing either law enforcement, family members or mental health workers to seek a court order disarming a dangerous person, according to the Giffords Law Center, an organization that advocates for tighter restrictions on guns.

Democratic Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed and independent Maine Sen. Angus King are also sponsoring the bill.

Wake up, folks. It’s crystal clear that Republicans are more than willing to take away your guns. It’s not Democrats against you. It’s not even right vs. left.

The reality we are seeing is the government against the people. A government which continually refuses to operate within the confines of the Constitution, which was created for the sole purpose of protecting our freedom.

We must stop electing these clowns by playing party politics. We must elect only representatives who will act within Constitutional limits — and always in the interest of the citizens whom they represent.

If not, your rights will continue to dwindle.

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