Josh McDaniel’s Craziest After-Shot Hunt Video


Josh McDaniel’s Craziest After-Shot Hunt Video

This video includes a whitetail deer hunt with a kill shot, and a most unexpected follow-up to that kill.

The buck comes in, and our hunter (Josh McDaniel) has numerous chances to kill it, but patiently waits until he can capture the penultimate moment on camera. In other words, he has to aim a video camera at the buck, then aim his rifle and make a kill shot while the buck is still within view of the camera. This isn’t exactly easy to do, but he finally pulls it off after the buck returns for a second visit to the hunter’s stand. It’s a great buck, with a pair of forked tines that make it stand out from others.

The buck drops instantly at the shot, and is soon lying dead and still on the forest floor. Josh records his reaction, in true hunting-show fashion.

Then around the 2:50 mark, another big buck saunters onto the scene. This one is a true hoss of a buck, one any whitetail hunter ought to love to encounter in the hunting woods. After checking out his late relative, the bigger buck lowers his rack and starts plowing it into the dead buck!

At first the buck pushes at the dead deer’s back, but then proceeds to engage its neck and antlers as well, clearly turning up tufts of hair, likely damaging the cape on the hunter’s trophy mount.

As things progress, Josh begins grunting at and finally talking to the buck in an attempt to end the abuse of his newly-acquired trophy, but the hyped-up buck ignores him.

After it finally separates itself from the dead buck, the live one looks around and paws the ground like an angry bull. It then turns and slowly walks out of sight.

If this had been me and I’d had two buck tags, I believe I would have had to score a double-header. At any rate, it was a unique and amazing experience… and after all, that’s what we go hunting for.


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