Defending Hearth and Home


Defending Hearth and Home

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Security of our primary residence is of high concern today to everyone. While crime stats in some areas of the country seem to be relaxing somewhat, criminals are forever discovering new ways to cash in on their trade. Unfortunately, home invasions are becoming an ever increasing activity for thugs to raid your house for theft of your goods.

It matters not either if you happen to be home at the time. In many cases homeowners are injured or even murdered as a manner to leave no evidence behind. Are you ready to repel such an invasion or defend yourself if they should happen to breech your security efforts? These are things you need to consider now to provide basic security for you, your family and your property.

The first line of defense against a home invasion is a quality network of doors, windows and sturdy locks. Most home construction contractors these days are building houses as cheaply as possible. They have little concern for basic security. For that reason many homes have inferior exterior doors including simple hinges and locks.

Inspect all of your exterior doors. If they are weak wooden doors, consider replacing them with steel doors, including heavy duty hinges using long lag bolts to hang them. Replace cheap locks with deal bolts, and heavy bolt locks to secure the doors in the frames. Consider extra slide bolts for added security, but brief all occupants on how these work.

If you live is an area with high crime statistics or threats, then consider adding security bars to windows and security bar doors over all conventional doorways. Though such structures can be defeated with time and effort, most crash and dash invaders will not fool with them. If they do, the added delayed entry may give you time to arm yourself for the threat. Inspect and harden garage doors as well. This may require an added security slide bar that can further lock down the door within its rails.

Next, add a monitored security system to your house. These are great deterrents when you post a few security signs outside in the yard. You might even consider adding the new camera technologies that allow you views of outside vantage points with a speaker to address notice of unwanted threats.

Then be prepared to defend your position with appropriate firepower that is both adequate for the job and maintained in the ready condition. Train everybody on this and maintain a constant awareness of activities around your house and neighborhood.

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