Paul Harrell on Mini-Revolver Speed Loaders


Paul Harrell on Mini-Revolver Speed Loaders

Paul Harrell got his hands on a couple speed-loaders for a North American Arms mini revolver chambered for 22 WMR (22 magnum) and decided to make a video about it — and more. So instead of focusing on one tiny segment of the speed loader market, he begins by describing the function of a revolver speed loader. He fires and reloads a double action revolver with and without a speed loader, to see which method was easier and faster for him.

Predictably, the result favors the speed loader.

He then goes on to demonstrate two types of speed loaders for the scrawny North American Arms mini revolver. First up is one made in Burleson, Texas. I think this is the same one, selling for $25 shipped on eBay.

Firing and reloading without using a speed loader took him 35 seconds… and with the speed loader above, it took him… one minute and 3 seconds. The reason? He was unable to get the speed loader to release the cartridges.

The second type of loader he tries is one of these “Ammo Pod” loaders, which I found here on eBay for $17 shipped.

Using the Ammo Pod, he fires and reloads in 28 seconds.

Whether you choose to carry one of these tiny and awkward-to-reload firearms or not, this video is still roughly 8 minutes of worthwhile gun-related entertainment. Enjoy.

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