Improvised Suppressors for 22 Rimfire


Improvised Suppressors for 22 Rimfire

This is an interesting video… it’s low-resolution, but gets the point across just fine. The video itself is apparently fairly old — in fact, the description (below) calls it “archaic .”

Video about constructing improvised / homemade suppressors specifically for .22 caliber (rimfire) pistol or rifle. Information presented in this archaic video is for the benefit of persons with an interest in firearm science and those who just want to know how things work.

And that’s great advice — you do NOT want to make this stuff and end up in jail just because you wanted to save your hearing. Certainly not! Instead, pony up the dough to bribe your government for permission to spend too much on a good-quality, factory-made suppressor and get your name added to yet another gun registry list. It’s the right thing to do.

The first design uses two types of tubing and brass grommets. The grommets and smaller tubing are arranged inside the larger tubing to act as baffles. The design is shown in detail, and for some reason I imagined more baffles.

Next, a PVC pipe suppressor design is shown. This one is more primitive, but uses some of the same components.

You’ll note that this stuff looks as primitive as it is… definitely not like the finely-machined suppressors we can purchase commercially.

The video concludes with a fact check about suppressors… they are not tools of spies and assassins, but are desirable attachments for hunting and target guns because they can be used to greatly reduce noise, making guns more pleasant to shoot. Nice!

Enjoy the video… but never try this at home.

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