New Shooting Journal for Women


New Shooting Journal for Women

The Women’s Shooting League “A Girl & A Gun” has just announced a new shooting journal geared specifically towards women. From the press release:

AUSTIN TX – A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League (AG & AG) is proud to launch the all-new 2019 Shooting Journal. Marksmen have long used shooting journals to analyze range performance and log their practice sessions. With this Shooting Journal, AG & AG offers a revolutionary program to help the female marksman organize her plans, goals, time, and training.

“The secret to advanced shooting is mastering the fundamentals,” says Tatiana Whitlock, Director of Training for AG & AG. “The Shooting Journal includes 12 months of discussions, drills, targets, and articles to help any shooter closely examine and refine her shooting techniques.” To ensure that training is meaningful and effective, all dry-fire drills are paired with reinforcing live-fire drills that validate the dry-fire practice.

In addition, themed worksheets inspire the woman shooter to learn more about herself, her strengths, and motivations. The Shooting Journal gives her greater insight to the big picture of firearms safety, necessary gear, and physical and mental strength. It also serves to document her training, reinforce learning, and give her clarity to achieve her shooting and personal goals.

The 206-page journal is available to all AG & AG members as a free download on

Here’s a little more info on the journal:

The AG & AG Shooting Journal is designed to give you a progressive training program to maximize your home dry-fire practice and your range time. It has the potential to be both instructor and friend who helps you organize your goals, time, and training. Planned drills and guided discussions help you address your emotions, manage frustrations over setbacks, and keep your journal focused on learning and improving. While there is evidence that journaling has a positive impact on physical well-being, your entries will also serve to document your training, reinforce learning, and give you clarity to achieve your shooting and personal goals.

Each month begins with one of the A Girl & A Gun values. This inspires you to learn more about yourself, your strengths, and motivations. Next, you will learn a fundamental skillset of pistol shooting with drills that are tailored to your personal color track. The Shooting Journal guides you through a progressive series of dry-fire and live-fire drills over time. To ensure that your training is meaningful and you see positive results from your efforts, all dry-fire drills are paired with reinforcing live-fire drills that serve to validate your dry-fire practice.

Sounds pretty cool — even if we do live in a time when confused women think they’re men and vice-versa. At least there are organizations like this designed for the real thing. 🙂

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