What’s the Best Rust Remover?


What’s the Best Rust Remover?

It’s no secret that rust plays a big role in the outdoor life. Many of our tools and toys are made of steel, and steel rusts — sometimes badly. Tractors, trucks, guns, and other fun stuff will oxidize, and from time to time we need to remove that rust. What’s the best way to remove rust?

My personal favorite method is electrolysis, but that requires electricity and a bit of setup. Second best is Evapo-Rust, and while it’s super-safe and reusable, it’s not cheap. Anyhow, this guy decided to try out a number of liquid rust removal solutions, to see which ones really work.

Potential rust removers tested include CLR, Krud Kutter Rust Remover, Evapo-Rust, Loctite Naval Jelly, Coca-Cola, muriatic acid, and vinegar.

His results are mixed, as you will see. Enjoy!

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