SHOT Show 2019: The Tuesday finds


SHOT Show 2019: The Tuesday finds
Invictus Arms DL5

If there’s a common theme to SHOT 2019, it’s PCC — pistol caliber carbines — everyone seems to have a new model. Most models are plain blowback actions, though CMMG Resolute, Stribog and various MP5 clones utilize retarded blowback, while Lone Wolf and Sig continue with gas-operated locked breech.

Quite a few, like this Angstadt Arms 9mm entry(above) and Stribog (below, a slightly later version than shown) were designed for the Army Subcompact Weapon (SCW) competition. Being able to meet the designers of these guns was a welcome bonus.


Sol Invictus had two models, this DL45 with optional Trump theme for triggering guilty bystanders, and a TAC9….best described is a product of sinful relations between an AR15, a TEC9 and a Sten. The barrel is quickly removable, so caliber conversions are a snap.


Hi-Point got much attention for the double-stack 10+1 prototype in 9mm. Designed with a grip safety, this pistol walks the fine line between full featured Wonder 9 and a budget blaster. At $200 retail, a reliable pistol with a threaded barrel, accessory rail and improved ergonomics (ambi mag release, reversible flat/arched backstrap) will be a hot seller. Inexpensive but decent quality Barnaul ammunition will be imported through Hi-Point’s parents company MSK as well.

Kel-Tec had two entries, a very accurate .22LR CP33 with 33 and (later) 50 round magazines, and a KS7, a simplified and more ergonomic KSG evolution with a single tube and a channel sight int he carry handle.

Neutrally balanced and supporting optic and suppressors by design, CP33 also posesses the neutral balance useful for accurate unsupported marksmanship. Already blessed with aftermarket support by Tandemkross, CP33 will be a popular item — fortunately, Keltec produced large numbers in advance of the announcement. Almost half the price of the KSG and a pound lighter, KS7 will also be a hot seller. Holding 7+1 (or 10+1) with extended magazine and barrel, KS7 is submachine guns sized and very handy.

SBR Ammunition had their usual match and tracer loads, but also announced spotter rounds. Made with pyrophoric metals, they flash upon impact on hard targets like steel or rock.

Among the unexpected, Rex Specs dog goggles, with optional video camera to give the dog handler an option to see what the dog sees. Protecting the eyes from thorns, claws and smoke is worthwhile. Unfortunately, their products don’t fit my cat.

FIME group presented Rex Delta pistol, a streamlined polymer 15-shot striker-fired gun with a good trigger and pleasant ergonomics. Made in Slovenia, this gun should be widely available by Spring 2019. Delta was typical of the handguns on display: evolutionary improvements resulting in mature, well-designed weapons, rather than anything really new or unique.

The longest available magazine for VR80 holds 19 shells. It works fine, but I can’t wait for the drums to become available. In general, drum magazines seem to work better for rimmed cartridges like 22LR and shotshells.

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