My Old Gun


My Old Gun

Another old gun I own, a 48-year-old Winchester 30/30. This one is a 1971 NRA commemorative model and is in unfired condition! I got this from a family member who bought it new. So I know it’s unfired. He is getting older and knew I LOVE old Winchesters so he called me and told me to stop over he had something for me.

I was shocked when he handed me this and said now it’s yours! I “AM” in process of building a single rifle display case to hang on the wall next to my 1897 Winchester shotgun that I did a “My Old Gun” article on last year.

This rifle is a little different than the others I have seen since this one the stock goes almost the full length of the barrel. Others I have seen have the normal stock length. This one is the NRA Commemorative Musket model. These are valued from $800 to $1,000 depending on overall condition. Sadly at some point in the last 48 years the box got thrown away.

This is not a rifle I will sell, so money value means nothing to me on this rifle. To me, it is a beautiful work of art from Winchester and will be displayed as such. The craftsmanship on these and the deep bluing is something almost gone in today’s rifles and this is a way to show the great work from these men and women of years gone by.

Today everything is a polymer and stainless or color coated. I hope someday we get back o the beautiful wood stocks and deep bluing without having to order a custom built rifle for thousands of dollars.

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