Armed Crook Killed by Legally-Armed Customer


Armed Crook Killed by Legally-Armed Customer

When a crook decided to threaten the lives of employees in a Family Dollar store in DeKalb County, Georgia, he was risking his own life, and he lost it.

As he reportedly continued pointing the firearm at an innocent worker who was only trying to earn a living, he failed to notice a legally-armed citizen approaching to defend her life.

According to DeKalb Police Sgt. Lynn Shuler, the robber had a gun pointed directly at the face of the clerk who was standing at the front counter of the store.

‘While the store was getting robbed, a Good Samaritan intervened,’ Shuler said. ‘He shot the suspect several times.’

The customer heard the commotion at the front of the store and when he walked to the front, saw the would-be robber with his gun pointed at the face of the clerk, Shuler said. The customer, who was also armed, pulled his own weapon and fired at the robber.

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

Shuler said the customer would not be charged in connection with the incident.

The employee was reportedly shaken and upset, but thankful that the stranger had acted to defend her.

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