Schrade SCHF57 Fixed Blade Knife First Impressions


Schrade SCHF57 Fixed Blade Knife First Impressions

In this article we will be looking at the Schrade SCHF57 fixed blade knife. This is not a full review per say, but first impressions right out of the box. The Schrade SCHF57 is a small fixed blade knife whose primary market would seem to be people who want a fixed blade EDC knife, hikers, campers, or hunters wanting a small skinning knife.

Upon unboxing, the handle seemed a little short with my pinky finger hanging past the end of the handle. This is not a big deal, but it makes the knife seem like the handle should have been a little longer.

Schrade SCHF57 Specifications

  • Overall length: 6 5/16
  • Blade length: 2 7/8
  • Weight without sheath: 4.15 ounces
  • Weight with sheath: 5.70 ounces
  • Sheath material: Kydex
  • Full tang: Yes
  • Lanyard hole: Yes
  • Blade Material: Only thing I could find was a webpage that said 65Mn high carbon steel.
  • Belt loop: Yes

The sheath has several holes with grommets. Hopefully this would allow the knife to be attached by various means. Belt loop is held in place by two bolts which look slightly smaller than a #2 Philips head.

First Impressions

Sharpness from the factory is what I consider barely acceptable. Expect to spend a few minutes on a sharpening stone to finish the edge.

Would I feel comfortable taking this knife on a camping or hiking trip straight out of the box? Probably not.

Would try to skin a deer with this knife straight out of the box? Absolutely not.

At first I thought the sheath did not fit the knife very well. That was until someone posted a comment on my YouTube video saying to push the knife further into the sheath. Sure enough, the knife snapped into place.

When inserted into the sheath the knife clicks into place. Then push it a little harder, and the knife will snap into place.

Grip has a nice texture which is not too aggressive. Handle not extending all the way out to the pinky finger makes it feel a little short. The short handle makes this feel like like a child’s knife, rather than a knife for an adult.

Final Thoughts

The Schrade SCHF57 cost around fifteen dollars from Amazon. First impressions, I feel the knife is worth $15. This comes across as an ideal pack knife, but the handle seems a little short for a skinning knife.

If the handle of the Schrade SCHF57 were just an inch, or maybe even 3/4 of an inch longer, I feel the overall quality of the knife would be much better. However, keep in mind this is a first impressions article and we will be taking a closer look at the Schrade SCHF57in the coming months.

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