Making the Saw Blade Crossbow from ‘Far Cry New Dawn’


Making the Saw Blade Crossbow from ‘Far Cry New Dawn’

Okay, so making a crossbow that flings saw blades might not be high on your prepping list, nor even very practical when the SHTF, but it’s still pretty dang cool. And in this video, “Slingshot Channel” creator JoergSprave does just that. It’s his version of the devastating saw blade shooter from the new post-apocalyptic video game Far Cry New Dawn.

The video begins with some scenes from the game, then a fast-paced recap of the build, followed by a demo in which he shoots several things with his real-life blade-shooter.

He then talks about his inspiration for the video, and compares circular-saw blades to arrow broadheads. Only one was designed to kill, so the blade thing presents challenges, with the biggest one being how to make the blade spin during flight. Without spin, the teeth won’t cut into stuff. And isn’t that what we all want when we shoot a blade at something? Oh, and it won’t fly with any sort of stability, which is also important, I guess.

After that we get into the actual design, which is impressive. Lots of cool stuff there! A rack & gear system to spin the blade carrier, magnets to hold the blade until it hits the stopper & flies off, and a whole lot of other nifty stuff.

Sure would do a number on looters after the grid goes down, but stocking and carrying ammo for it, not so much. Saw blades ain’t cheap.

I confess I’m not going to run out to the shop to build my own. I’m glad he did, though, and I enjoyed watching it. Hopefully you will, too.

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