Gobbler Tricks with an Avian-X Jake


Gobbler Tricks with an Avian-X Jake

When it is all boiled down to the basics of turkey hunting, it is all about tricking the gobbler into making him think the hunter is a hen. As seasoned turkey hunters know already, there are a ton of tactics and tricks to fool a tom, but it can sometimes be easier said than done. A good hunter is always looking for an edge. Using a decoy is one of them.

Turkey decoy manufacturers are coming up with more realistic looking decoys all the time. Avian-X out of Port Clinton, Ohio has been perfecting their turkey decoys for a while now, and their latest trickster is going to be something else. To be called their Avian-X HDR or Heavy Duty Realism, this jake decoy has unbelievable realistic colorations and form to outwit any gobbler.

The whole turkey hunting concept behind the Avian-X HDR is not to agitate a home bound gobbler but make him think another bird is after his ladies. This decoy looks like a smaller sized jake that is on the prowl looking for active hens. Being a smaller looking bird this will not intimidate a boss gobbler, but attract him within range to check out the competition.

The Avian-X HDR is blow molded in a quarter-strut pose with bristling subdominant feathers. This posture makes the decoy look like he is laid back, but ready to take on a challenger without being overwhelming. A gobbler is not going to allow a jake to take his hens, so the approach is on.

Additionally the HDR decoy has two removable heads. One is a curled, taller, aggressive posture, while the other option is lower that appears more submissive. You have to work with both heads to see how the gobblers in your hunting areas respond.

Avian-X has made this decoy to withstand the elements, too. Made of rubber molding the HDR can take a gobbler pounding and be ready for the next hunt. When coupled with an Avian-X laying hen, this combination is set for some gobbler tom foolery.

The decoy comes with a mounting stick for quick set-up that stores in the tail. The paint scheme and feather detailing is super realistic including the synthetic jake beard and rubber molded leg stumps with spur detail. The Avian-X decoy package includes the decoy, two heads, a carbon stake and a carry bag. Check it out at www.avian-x.com.

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