Chiappa Black Rhino CBR9 to be Announced at IWA


Chiappa Black Rhino CBR9 to be Announced at IWA

That Italian manufacturer Chiappa Firearms, known for their Rhino revolvers, has provided us a teaser photo on their Instagram account for an upcoming pistol caliber carbine called the Black Rhino CBR9. This looks to be a very interesting firearm.

Based on the name and what we can see in the photo, we can guess that it carries a lineage from the Rhino revolvers.

We will attend IWA and provide live updates at the event next week. Keep your fingers crossed.

UPDATE: It appears that this gun appeared in early prototype form as the Tanfoglio TCMP back in 2016 at Enforce Tac law enforcement & military trade show in Nuremberg.

UPDATE 2: It appeared again in prototype form at Indo Defense 2018.

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