How Much Prepping is Enough?


How Much Prepping is Enough?

When should a prepper say, “That is good enough?”  Some people may say, “It’s never enough.”

Let’s be honest, how many pounds of freeze dried food do we need; how many pounds of food stored in mylar bags do we need; how many seeds should we stockpile; how many thousands of rounds of ammunition do we really need? Is 10,000 round of 22 long rifle enough? How about 20,000 rounds, is that enough?

Surely there comes a point when we are happy with our preps?

Let’s take ammunition for example, how much ammunition is enough? Someone may say, “Kevin, you can never have enough ammo.” Okay, so when the garage is full of ammo cans and you have to buy a storage shed just for the ammo, is that enough? If not, how many storage sheds are enough? Maybe rent a warehouse just for the ammo?

What about freeze dried food? When the storage room, closets, and even under the bed are filled with #10 cans of freeze dried food, it that enough?

How many seeds are enough? For example, my oldest son and I recently planted 14 rows of corn. We used around one pound of corn seed to plant those 14 rows. I have several pounds of corn stored in the deep freezer.

Seeds for sale at Circle Three Feed in Jasper, Texas.
Seeds for sale at Circle Three Feed in Jasper, Texas.

Even if we planted 28 rows of corn each year, I have enough corn to plant four, five or more years of corn. The rows we planted are around 70 feet long. Then there are the beans, peas, greens, squash, zucchini… seeds.

There are two tubs in the deep freezer filled with seeds, then there are several pounds of seed in the deep freezer door.  If I add any more seed to my SHTF seed stockpile, one whole shelf in the deep freezer will be dedicated to seed. Just so everyone knows this is an upright freezer.

What about food stored in mylar bags? After several 55 gallon drums are filled with my pouches of beans, rice, oatmeal. Would that be enough? Let’s say someone has 200 pounds of rice stored in mylar bags, would that be enough rice? Personally, I probably have around 50 pounds of rice and beans stored in mylar.

Some of those statements about the freeze dried food and ammo are facetious. Who is going to rent a warehouse just for ammunition, or fill the closets with cases of freeze dried #10 cans.

How many lures are enough, what about fishing poles? Two, three, four, five rifles chambered in 22 long rifle, how many are enough?

Then there is the training and practice aspect. Go to the shooting range 10 times, five times, three times a year?

Where should someone draw the line? How much money, time and effort should someone put into prepping before they say, “That is good enough?”



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