Check Out the New Smith 442 Revolver


Check Out the New Smith 442 Revolver

Small, handy pocket revolvers are making a comeback. Working gun shows regularly, we get inquiries all the time about which revolver is best for concealed carry, personal protection, and vehicle carry. There is plenty of room in the marketplace for more quality pocket revolvers.

The Smith and Wesson Performance Center must have been monitoring the sales of these types of guns when they developed and introduced their new Model 442 revolver. This model is a lightweight handgun built on the proven J-Frame. With its popular internal hammer design it is snag-proof and ideal for concealed carry, purse carry, IWB or OWB carry.

Other features include a new two-tone finish, contrasting the cylinder matte stainless finish with the balance of the gun in a matte black finish. The soft rubber type grips are Crimson Trace LG-105 Lasergrips. The action is also specially tuned at the Performance Center for smooth trigger double action shooting.

These Lasergrips emit a red laser beam for quick target pointing. Lasers are very popular for shooters concerned about personal protection at home, work, outside the house, travel, or from a vehicle. The red beam pinpoints the target making acquisition fast and precise.

The Model 442 is chambered for the .38 Special +P with a five round capacity. The cylinder is manufactured from stainless steel with highly polished cylinder flutes and a polished cylinder release thumbpiece. The action plate screws and the trigger are also polished in the same manner to give this new handgun a distinctive appearance.

Sights are open and fixed designed for quick point-n-shoot situations. The front sight is a ramp with the sight plane down the top of the frame designed to channel the sighting eyes down the barrel, across the ramp sight, and on the target. Couple this with the laser grips and aiming should be quick and simple.

The Performance Center action tuning makes for a very smooth and lighter trigger pull. These features should make the 442 ideal for a woman shooter, or a senior citizen that may have difficulty in pulling a trigger. Don’t get me wrong, I know many lady shooters that can handle any firearm, but selling guns, I know a fair amount of female customers are looking for a gun they can load easily, and shoot without difficulty. This is why many shy away from semi-auto pistols that they do not have the hand or grip strength to cycle a slide to load it. Check out the new Smith Model 442 at

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