Old Police Video: How to Use Revolver Speed Loaders


Old Police Video: How to Use Revolver Speed Loaders

I recently ran across an old police training video, and thought it was interesting enough to show here. This is from back in the day when most police officers carried revolvers. Everybody knows rapid reloading is often necessary in a gun fight, and this shows recruits how to use the Safariland speed loader and belt-mounted carrier.

The video was used by the Indiana State Police, and the revolver shown is a model my father owned and loved for many years: The Smith & Wesson Model 66.

I’ve used revolver speed loaders before, though not this type. I’ve only used the ones with a small knob you twist to retain or release the cartridges.

Speaking of cartridges, the narrator in this film does use that correct term, but most of the time his terminology is way off. I was especially irked when he referred to the cylinder’s 6 chambers as “slots” and to cartridges as “bullets.” I prefer accuracy in language as well as firearms, but mine may be a losing battle.

The video also shows how to reload one-handed while kneeling, standing, and lying on your back.

An interesting blast from the past, and good info for any fan of revolvers or “wheel guns.”

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