Shooting Rubber “Reballs” From a Shotgun


Shooting Rubber “Reballs” From a Shotgun

If you’re anything like me, you might think this would be just another “shoot weird stuff from a gun” video. But it’s actually really interesting to see what happens to some of these solid rubber balls when they hit a target — after being fired from a 12 gauge shotgun.

They take “reballs,” which are reusable rubber balls the same size as paintballs, and replace the shot load in a shotgun shell… then they shoot them at various surfaces.

It’s pretty amazing to see how some of the balls react when they hit a solid object. Some expand 5 times their original diameter, if not larger, and bounce off with extreme force, like a Superball. Others just hit and bounce off without drama.. and the one that hit the ceramic tile really put on a show, with a ring of rubber separating from its center after impact, and wobbling off through the air like a rubber band.

The effect on the big block… er, face… made of modeling clay was the most dramatic.


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