The Hang N Hook DIY Target Hanger Kit Looks Pretty Cool


The Hang N Hook DIY Target Hanger Kit Looks Pretty Cool

I always enjoy shooting, but some things make it more enjoyable. Reactive targets are the most fun, because you can see your target react to the shot. And when you miss, you know it’s time to correct some problem with you, the gun, the ammo, or all of the above.

I recently ran across a kit called the Hang ‘N Hook which includes several specially-cut pieces of 1/4″-thick steel, which can make a nice target stand when combined with some one-inch metal conduit pipe. You slip the 4 hooks over a crosspiece, add the leg adapters, add legs, and you’re ready to start hanging stuff to shoot.

Steel targets can be expensive, and that’s a bummer. And some reactive targets seem to cost a bunch just because they’re targets. And while this little kit isn’t dirt cheap, neither is shipping these days, and you can get this setup sent to you for just 35 bucks. Drop another few dollars on 1″ EMT conduit pipe and you can conjure up a pretty cool-looking setup for hanging all kinds of different objects.

The steel parts are powder coated, so they won’t rust away, and as the tongue-in-cheek guy in the video (company owner?) says, “to look beautiful.”

Speaking of the video, scroll down to check it out. I’m not easily impressed by cheeseball humor, but this silly guy made me smile while selling his product, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

You may wonder why he doesn’t include the conduit pipe. Frankly, it’s not worth the cost of shipping because EMT is pretty cheap. Head on down to a hardware store or Lowes and pick up a hunk or two. In fact, it would take two 10-foot lengths to make the frame in the video. Around here, one stick will run you about $10 plus tax.

Hang ‘N Hook is a cool product; hopefully I can put my hands on a kit so I can test it for y’all.

In the meantime, enjoy the video below.

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