Avain-X Waterfowl Decoy Review


Avain-X Waterfowl Decoy Review

Hunting waterfowl is very demanding for hunters and their gear. Of all our gear, decoys take the most abuse throughout the season. Day after day being shot over, as well as thrown in boats causes a lot of wear.

Avain-X decoys, however, are some of the best on the market and have some rather impressive features that showcase their craftsmanship. At first glance they are very atomically accurate to live birds as well as having in-depth feather appearance along with a perfect paint job. Which is a reflection of their great detail in each decoy, also unmatched by others of the same price point. Speaking of price point, a set of six will cost consumers around $99.99. This might come across as higher than normal but when it comes to gear that works day after day it’s worth the extra cost to have something that’s reliable.

With all of that aside, we can agree that there is always that one guy in our group the shoots a decoy every time ducks work the spread, or accidentally runs over them at the boat ramp. Things of this nature generally decimates the decoy beyond repair. Although this is true, Avain-X doesn’t have that problem with their foam filled design. Being foam filled, makes them virtually unsinkable in most applications. Furthermore this feature, among many others, makes them one of the most rugged decoys on the market today.

Trying every decoy on the market is costly, especially when hunters have to replace numerous sets each season. Replacement is due to wear or simply because of poor quality. Most of the time it is due to budget shopping but I realized that decoys are an investment which will either be a reoccurring purchase each season or last a lifetime. Though this is true about a  lot of things hunting wise, Avain-Xhas decoys on hand that will last longer despite the conditions you experience.

The bottom line is that Avain-X is dedicated to providing consumers with the highest quality products which can handle any situation afield. Whether its tough open water diver hunts or green timber mallards they have everything you need to improve your chances.

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