Gerber is Bringing Back the Mullet and You’ll Want One


Gerber is Bringing Back the Mullet and You’ll Want One

Gerber has a new solid-state multi-tool that is approved for airports with the rocking cool name of the Mullet. While many of us relate the name Gerber to big blades and large elaborate multi-tools they also can make some really awesome diminutive pieces as well. Some of the unique tools and features that embody this small multi-tool can be read below as presented by Gerber:

  • Pry Bar & Wire Stripper
  • Nail Puller & Scraper
  • Small & Large Flathead Driver
  • ¼” Hex & Cross Driver
  • Bottle Opener, Belt Loop Hanger & Key Lanyard
  • Length 3.0” | Width 0.75” | Weight 0.7 Oz.



The one thing that most of us can never have enough of is multi-tools. With a grass is greener mentality thinking the next one you buy will be the last one we are always in pursuit of cool tools to throw in our packs, pockets, or key chains. Gerber goes on to further explain their newest little wonder tool in this Press Release statement from their website:

“Problems aren’t scheduled in advance, but solutions can be planned for. The Mullet is a compact keychain tool that houses 9 tools to handle those unexpected daily tasks. When accessibility is key, the Mullet answers with the ability to be carried on a keychain, from a belt loop, or through an airport.”

You can get the Mullet mutli-tool and be one of your first friends to be rocking it at the affordable MSRP of $10. You have your choice of a Stonewash or Black finish depending on how you roll. The Mullet also carries the Gerber Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We are all probably experiencing a little bit of cabin fever and wanting to get outside sooner than later so what do you think of this product? Is this something you would be willing to put on your key chain for everyday carry? If not, is there another product you have your eyes on? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.



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