Get Lube Froggy with Frog Lube


Get Lube Froggy with Frog Lube

The quest for a comprehensive line of gun lubricate and cleaning solvent can be over. Welcome to the brand name Frog Lube, made in the U.S.A. Their primary product is a propriety firearms lube that offers superior protection and smooth operation. Their other products include a solvent and a degreaser that gets rid of all previously used lubricants as well as the usual gun gunk.

Frog Lube is really a firearms maintenance system. The basis of using Frog Lube is to first remove all the existing oils and lubricants on the firearm before applying Frog Lube according to directions. At gun shows I have witnessed firearms with years of goo and gunk caked up on the action, trigger, bolts, and such that have never been cleaned. There is no reason to introduce a new lubricant without working hard to remove the foundation of old stuff.

Removing old gunk is easy with Frog Lube Degreaser, but some elbow grease is required. Frog Lube recommends to (1) apply generous amounts of degreaser to all fouled metal surfaces to let it soak in, (2) then scrub using a nylon brush to loosen fouling residue, (3) add mild heat to enhance the cleaning effect (via hair dryer), (4) wipe clean to dry and remove all burned powder and fouling, (5) apply Frog Lube to cleaned surfaces.

Frog Lube Solvent is used to dissolve and flush contaminants out of parts, firearms components, and other combinations of parts like trigger systems. Barrel fouling can be loosened and removed after a good soak. An overnight soak is recommended for really tough, long term and stubborn fouling. This procedure will get rid of bullet metal, copper, and lead fouling from the barrel surfaces. After a thorough brushing and wiping repeatedly with clean patches, apply a light coat of the Frog Lube CLP lubricant. Remove any excess lube.

A new Frog Lube kit comes with everything needed to clean and lube your firearm in one container. This self-contained kit includes Frog Lube CLP paste, a spray bottle of solvent, a tube of Frog Lube Extreme, a cleaning brush and swab package, and a cleaning cloth. All this comes in a unique screw apart container that keeps all the cleaning supplies together.

Keeping a critical firearm clean and running is essential. That means degreasing, removing all fouling, and then applying a quality lubricant. Frog Lube products gets all these tasks done easily with long term protection benefits.

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