EDC Comfort Carry Made Easy


EDC Comfort Carry Made Easy

Concealed carry is the fastest growing mode of taking a firearm on everyday activities, to work, travel, or wherever it is legal in your state. Along with this, state law enforcement agencies charged with issuing concealed carry permits are experiencing a growing number of requests for the legal right to carry a concealed handgun, pistol, or revolver on the person out in public.

With this manner of carrying a firearm on a regular basis, carry permit holders are looking at different ways to tote a handgun that are comfortable. The issue is also making the firearm easily and quickly accessible when needed. You don’t want to be fumbling around with a gun hanging up in a holster when you need to draw it out against a threat.

Clinger Holsters is producing a slick little slide in your pants waist or in a pocket holster that will cling right in place with no movement. Their Clinger Comfort Cling Holster is designed to be worn either inside the pants waistband or slipped down inside a pants pocket, either front or rear, whichever works best for the user.

For inside the waistband wear, it is best if the pants belt is cinched up a bit tighter so the holster will not slip down as you walk, get up and down out of a seat, or make other movements. The tighter the waist the better the holster will be held in place and ready for gun extraction.

In a pants pocket, the Clinger Comfort Cling Holster is simply slipped into the pocket once the handgun is inserted inside the holster. The handgun grip will be readily accessible because the gun will not slip all the way down into the holster, assuming the correct size holster was chosen for the exact gun model.

The external material of the Comfort Cling Holster is a soft fabric with a rubberized feel. When I laid the holster down on top of my wooden desk at the office, it refused to slide around. It performs the same way inside a pants pocket. The material inside is texturized that adds grip to the surface of the gun, but does not overly adhere to it so it can be withdrawn easily.

For the use test my Glock 43 was a secure fit in the holster, but could be drawn quickly. It carries well in the pocket of my jeans, and is not noticeable. It does not print at all with a shirt worn outside. Check out the Clinger holsters at www.clingerholsters.com.

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