Carry Solutions for HK P7


Carry Solutions for HK P7

HK P7 in its numerous variants remains a popular carry pistol with those who appreciate its accuracy and low recoil and don’t mind the weight, the expense or the unconventional manual of arms. Produced in Germany from 1976 to 2008, it doesn’t have a great deal of logistical support anymore, nor was it nearly as well supported even at the peak of its popularity as Glocks or Walthers.

The only remaining institutional user at this time is Bavarian police, seen here in Munich with P7M8 pistols and rather bulky belt holsters. While fairly heavy at about 28oz, P7 is a relatively compact pistol well suited to concealed carry. Bringing the weight inside the waistband would ease the burden by reducing leverage on the belt, all while improving concealment. It took me literally eight (!) years to find an effective concealment holster. Not surprisingly, it came from Alessi, the company responsible for the rigs for my Glock 26 and Kahr P9 — those holsters still looking like new after 18 years of regular use. Unlike the single-tab Talon Plus holsters for the lighter plastic-frame pistols, P7 holster uses two tabs to spread the weight.

Full sweat guard protects the metal from sweat and also keeps clothing from entering the trigger guard on re-holstering. The pistol disappears under a shirt, and the person carrying it is apt to forget that its there, so comfortable is the rise. That said, I you may prefer the single-clip but reinforced Talon Plus over Watch 6, as the mouth of this holster collapses without the pistol inside and makes re-hostering a less convenient experience. The extra leather used to stiffen the holster opening makes a great difference at the cost of just a few millimeters of thickness.

The quest isn’t over with the holster though, as finding magazine pouches proved even more difficult. Fortunately, my Armorer-at-Law turned me onto Pitbull Tactical Universal magazine carrier. Capable of accommodating anything from a small 380 single stack to the thick polymer double-stack 45ACP magazines, it wears comfortably on the belt and can be reversed for more discreet IWB carry. Being plastic, it doesn’t absorb rust-causing moisture. The soft rubber that encircles the clamshell halves provides the necessary tension. I have not noticed it causing any of riding up of the shirttails, and the comfort level was perfect: I was unaware of the mag carrier after putting it on. Drawing from this carrier is very easy and positive, yet turning it upside down and shaking vigorously did not dislodge the mags. Given my tendency to carry odd guns with unusually sized magazines, having a single carrier to accommodate them all is a definite plus. Recommended.

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