Smith Model 610 is Reintroduced


Smith Model 610 is Reintroduced

Smith and Wesson has a spring surprise for handgunners. They are doing a reintroduction of the Model 610 revolver. Don’t remember the 610? The likelihood is that you have never seen one, but if you could get your hands on one, it would be a fine possession.

The 610 Smith is a heavy duty revolver built on the famous “N” frame series of handguns. This one though is chambered for the 10mm Auto cartridge. The 610 is ideal for hunting, field security on dangerous hunting grounds where a bear might be lurking, or where other dangerous threats could arise. This rig can handle it.

Available in 4-inch or 6.5-inch (yep, read that again) barrels, the 610 features a stainless steel frame, barrel, and cylinder. Grips are black synthetic finger groove models for easy gripping and comfortable shooting. The black front blade sight is interchangeable and the rear sight is fully adjustable with a white outline for easy target alignment.

The large N-frame makes for handful of handgun, but the size helps to dampen the stiff 10mm Auto round. The cylinder is bored for six rounds so fully loaded, the 610 is an authoritative firearm. New load availability in the 10mm ammo selections present choices for handgun hunting, self-defense, and other viable applications.

The 6-rounds are loaded into six-shot moon clips that are naturally included with the gun. As a bonus one may forget, but the 10mm can also shoot the .40 S&W cartridge as a sort of 10mm short, but that is my designation for it in a 10mm gun. This does give another option for range practice, target shooting, and uses where the full power of the 10mm is not called for. Any handgun offering such options for double use makes the firearm even more valuable.

The 610 N-frame is also a handsome handgun. With the full under-barrel lug design, it is not only pleasing to the eyes, but that lug provides extra weight to help dampen the muzzle flip. Both barrel lengths pose a striking appearance, but I have to admit the longer 6.5 inch barrel harkens back to the days of the original Model 29’s in .44 Magnum with the 6 ½ inch pipe.

The new Smith 610 retails for $969.00, but should be found at lower costs on dealers’ shelves once supply catches up with demand. You can see more details and exact specifications on line at

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