Head Shot: Burglar Killed By Resident


Head Shot: Burglar Killed By Resident

Rockingham, NC – When a 26-year-old career criminal reportedly broke into a home Monday night, his career came to an abrupt end when the home’s resident shot him in the head.

The crook reportedly had a long list of previous offenses, including an indictment for two counts of attempted murder. Thankfully for taxpayers, we won’t have to pay for his room and board and a lengthy prosecution & appeals process.

[The crook] was found dead from a gunshot wound inside a residence on Richmond Road, according to the Rockingham Police Department.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, though RPD said in a statement that the initial investigation indicates that [he] entered the residence in order to commit a criminal act.

‘Upon entry into the residence [the bad guy] was met by an individual who shot him, which ultimately resulted in his death,’ the statement read.

Thanks to a firearm and a law-abiding citizen with the guts to use it, residents of Rockingham are safer in their homes.

And this, my fellow humans, is why people need guns.

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