Armed 20-Year-Old Saves the Day During Home Invasion


Armed 20-Year-Old Saves the Day During Home Invasion

Houston, TX — When a group of three crooks reportedly ambushed a 39-year-old father as he entered his home, pistol-whipped him and ransacked the place, two of the man’s daughters managed to hit a “panic button” security alarm and retreated to hide in a closet. Their rampage was finally brought to an end when the 20-year-old son arrived home and armed himself, eventually killing one of the crooks.

Three bad guys hid in the bushes to wait for the man, then forced him to unlock the door to his home, in which were two of his daughters, aged 15 and 21. Sadly, it would appear that none of these victims were armed. As the daughters hid in a closet, the bad guys ransacked the house and eventually found the girls.

Enter the good guy. The same good guy which many people wish to disarm because he is only 20 years of age.

Soon after, their brother, 20, arrived at the home with their mom. When he saw something was wrong, he went and got his gun and fired at the suspects…

One of the suspects, who was armed, was shot in the head.

The other two suspects jumped on top of the hood of the mother’s car while she and another child were still inside. The mom drove away and located a police officer at a nearby Whataburger.

The two unhurt crooks stole the father’s van and used it to get away. The guy who was hit later died at a hospital.

None of the six family members involved were seriously hurt.

The father was taken to the hospital for minor injuries but he is expected to be fine, said Sgt. Thomas Simmons.

What a horrible experience! Thankfully, one of the good guys was able to lay hands on a gun and use it against those animals.

Guns are good. Gun control is not.

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