72-Year-Old Woman Shoved, Shot at, Stolen From in Home Invasion


72-Year-Old Woman Shoved, Shot at, Stolen From in Home Invasion

Urbana, IL — An elderly woman was reportedly threatened, shoved down, and shot at by a 22-year old ex-con with a stolen gun during a home invasion which resulted in his theft of the woman’s vehicle along with “various electronics, cash, and credit cards.”

The intruder… threatened the 72-year-old woman, who… initially declined to give him her car keys.

[The crook then] fired at the woman and shoved her down, after which she handed over the keys.

What a pity she wasn’t armed. I hope she will do something about that in the future.

The bad guy had been recently paroled after being convicted of aggravated robbery in 2016. He was arrested 4 days later at the Illinois Terminal.

The gun was stolen from a vehicle on April 1, and this guy’s fingerprints were found on the car. When stolen, the firearm contained 7 rounds. When recovered at the time of his arrest, it contained 6… and the empty casing recovered at the home invasion scene matched the loaded rounds in the firearm.

The victim identified him in a photo lineup.

If convicted of the Class X charge of home invasion, [he] faces an extended sentence of up to 60 years in prison because of the age of the victim. He faces 2 to 10 years if convicted of vehicle burglary and 3 to 14 years if convicted of the weapons charge.

[The miscreant] has prior adult convictions for unlawful use of credit cards, phone harassment and public indecency, and juvenile adjudications for burglary and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Seems like a slam-dunk case. Too bad he will most likely end up back in prison living off taxpayers.

Arm yourselves, folks.

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