Homeowner Uses Broom, Firearm Against Underwear Bandit


Homeowner Uses Broom, Firearm Against Underwear Bandit

Well folks, what I most love to share here are success stories. And this is one, although it would appear the success, happened in spite of the homeowner rather than because of him. When a man reportedly broke into a home in Louisville, Kentucky and began to undress in the bedroom of a 12-year-old girl and then wandered into the family’s kitchen wearing just his underwear, it was time for serious, decisive action.

So, he yelled at the guy. Hmm, that didn’t work.

Ali Bracey says he went into the kitchen and yelled for Oliver to leave. ‘I told him to get out, and he didn’t want to move. And he growled at me.’

It was time to clean up his act, so…

When Oliver refused [to leave], Bracey began hitting him with a broom — and anything else he could find.

Fox News reports that Bracey soon began to lose the fight, so he called for help.

A physical struggle then broke out, with Bracey striking Oliver with a broom before he began to be overtaken “due to the suspect’s size,” according to an arrest report obtained by WDRB.

After yelling for help, [his girlfriend] got a gun from her bedroom and handed it to her boyfriend, who then was able to get up and fire several rounds at Oliver.

I would guess the sight of the gun caused the trespasser to back off a bit, so Bracey could get hold of it and start firing.

‘He ended up getting six shots, period,’ Bracey said.

Thing is, I’m not sure he got ANY shots. Nothing in the reports I’ve found say the bad guy was actually hit, except for the title. Yeesh.

The bad guy was probably high.

Investigators say they found a small bag of heroin they believe [the jerk] dropped inside the home when he was taking his clothes off.

At any rate, the creep was taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries and made a court appearance the following morning. So it’s a semi-happy story anyhow.

Someone needs to do the world a favor and get Mr. Bracey some accuracy training, and maybe a bigger gun.

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