[NRA 2019] Kayla Wirth at Grand Power booth


[NRA 2019] Kayla Wirth at Grand Power booth

At NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis last week, Grand Power was present with their Canadian sponsored shooter, Kayla Wirth at their booth.

Recently Grand Power has a new US distributor Global Ordnance after a 5 year partnership with their previous importer Eagle Imports.

The Stribog (means Storm in Slovak) 9mm is available as a pistol without a stock or with a collapsible pistol brace. While the small amount of existing Stribog imported into the US features a reciprocating charging handle, we were told the upcoming shipment of Stribog will have a non-reciprocating charging handle which improves on handling and prevent your hand from blocking the charging handle which can cause a jam.

When Kayla’s not competing, she works full time as a manager at a shooting range in Vancouver, Canada.

Kayla’s Instagram can be found at www.instagram.com/kaylawiirth

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