The Kimber DASA is Coming


The Kimber DASA is Coming

The long awaited and highly anticipated Kimber DASA revolver is being shipped to dealers now. DASA of course stands for double action-single action meaning this Kimber handgun from the K6 stable now sports an external hammer. That feature is going to be very popular among traditionalists as well as handgunners that want the double trigger mechanism option.

Much of the design features and configurations of the new K6 DASA remain the same as the DA only versions which have become quite popular. This is evidenced by the occasional difficulty in finding them on dealers’ shelves. The K6s have been out for a while now, so sales must be strong. We’ll see how long it really takes before the DASA models can be handled by consumers. The MSRP is set at $949.00.

Specifications for the two-inch version of the K6 DASA are published, but for some reason the data for the 3-inch model is missing from the Kimber website. I feel certain they will catch up on that in due time. I often find official web sites behind on introductions of new guns coming on the market.

Be that as it may, the 2-incher has an overall length of 6.62 inches, a width of 1.39 inches, with a cylinder capacity of 6 rounds of .357 Magnum or also the .38 Special. The K6s are all stainless steel in a brushed type satin finish. The back straps are serrated for extra surface grip.

The sights are a fixed combat type sight rear with three white dots. The front sight is an elongated post with a white dot insert. These may vary in time. The handgun’s grips are fashioned from handsome walnut with a checkered palm surface along with the “Kimber” name engraved in the wood. These grips are very form fitting to the frame.

A feature often pointed out about the Kimber K6s is the cylinder release button on the left side of the frame. It is truly a button, and not a conventional slide forward or rearward slide fixture like a Colt or a Smith and Wesson. The release button makes for a positive release of the cylinder from the hand grip position.

Another desirable feature of the Kimber K6 is the cylinder itself. It not only is chambered for six rounds rather than a usual five on a compact revolver, but the cylinder itself is not scalloped or fluted like a conventional six gun cylinders. Rather it has flat sections thus permitting a full six rounds but with plenty of metal to handle .357 Magnum loads. Check out the K6 DASA at

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