[NRA 2019] QuickLoad Revolver Speedloader Systems


[NRA 2019] QuickLoad Revolver Speedloader Systems

One of the products I ran across at the recent 2019 NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits were the revolver speedloaders from Quickloader Revolver Speedloader Systems.

The company sells two different types of revolver speedloaders. The StripLoader Hybrid Strips are a variation of the classic Speedstrips offered by Bianchi and others. The difference is that instead of lining up the cartridges in a single row on the unit the StripLoader Hybrid Strip is wider with the cartridges arranged in two rows. It’s like the difference between a single-stack and a double-stack pistol magazine. This arrangement allows the shooter to load one or two extra rounds into the cylinder with each action which makes them quicker than conventional single-line strips. These are available for a variety of five and six shot revolvers.

QuickLoad StripLoader Hybrid Strip for 5-shot Revolvers – Photo by QuickLoad Revolver Speedloader Systems

The company also makes the RoundLoader speedloader. This is a conventional “load all at once” loader with the advantage of having only one-moving part and no buttons to press or knobs to turn.

QuickLoad RoundLoader Speedloader for 5-shot revolvers (Photo by QuickLoader Revolver SpeedLoader Systems)

The company also makes transparent cases for both types of loaders designed to carry the loaders in a pocket while preventing the accidental release of the rounds.

For more information on the products by QuickLoad Revolver Speedloader Systems watch the video from the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits.

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