A Case for Long Guns


A Case for Long Guns

This is not about the justification for owning long guns, rifles and shotguns. That’s a given. What this is about is taking care of the ones you already own and use, or may intend to buy in the future. Quality firearms are a huge investment. They require, demand, maintenance and protection from the elements.

A big part of prepping and survival is building the constitution for self-preservation and self-reliance through self-defense. A component of that mission is to arm yourselves appropriately and to take care of the tools you have. For long guns that means a good, secure and protective gun case.

The marketplace is literally jammed with choices for long gun cases. Some are simple cotton or synthetic slip cases that basically just keep the dust off. These are OK for some conditions such as short term storage in the corner of a room or the back seat of a vehicle. These do not offer any cushion against everyday knocks and bumps. They do attract moisture so be sure to wipe guns down with a good oil, and check them often. Again these are for short term use.

If part of your EDC includes a long gun that is carried or stored regularly in vehicle, then get a gun case that offers more protective value in terms of padding. These will protect your valuable long guns under more stressful uses and save them from the everyday banging around in a vehicle. Keep these cases securely closed to avoid dust and grime.

Most of the better grade long gun cases available now can be zipper closed with pulls that allow a small padlock to secure them. You have to decide if you want such a case locked. If or when you might need to put this gun into action, that can be slowed by having to find a key to unlock the case. Think about those choices ahead of time.

Cases differ in designs and purposes, too. Many cases for AR-15 type MSR rifles have external pockets to carry extra magazines, but these are obviously visible to the public so beware of that. Other cases are “discrete” which do not draw attention. Now cases are made that look like other sports bags for tennis rackets or baseball gear.

Your prepper guns are expensive and deserve protection. Pick a long gun case that fits properly then monitor the gun for moisture issues or rust.

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