Idle Firearms are a SHTF Liability


Idle Firearms are a SHTF Liability

Any mechanical device that goes unused will eventually fall into non-readiness. The same goes for the user. Guns that are purchased with the intent of becoming the defensive front line of self-protection during a SHTF event should be used regularly and be well-maintained.

So many times working gun shows, I work with people looking to buy prepper guns for self-defense, concealed carry, or other uses. When they finally select a gun to purchase, they rarely buy ammunition on the spot. Do they not intend to fire the gun, or even learn to shoot it and practice with it regularly? In many cases that never happens.

It’s a total waste to have such a gun in the house if you do not ever intend to use it. In fact, it becomes a liability. Preppers simply cannot become proficient with a firearm without engaging proper training followed up with regular practice along with the expenditure of ample rounds of ammunition to maintain readiness.

Readiness, of course, is a prime directive to survival. The use of firearms for protection or defense from external threats is a hallmark of prepper planning and plan execution. Therefore, the acquisition of firearms for these uses is far from an end goal. It is the beginning of a long term relationship with the tools of self-protection and their effective use.

Likewise, remember how frustrating it can be every spring to roll out the lawn mower after it has been sitting up in the garage all winter? The battery may be dead, the oil spoiled to a useless fluid, and the spark plug corroded beyond use. The thing won’t start. Oh, heck, you forgot to drain the gas and now everything is gummed up including the carburetor. Off to the shop it goes.

The same can happen to firearms that are left unattended in a closet, safe, or dresser drawer. Gun oils can turn to goo, long-time-loaded magazine springs weaken, and blued steels start to rust. Even stainless can rust, so it’s not a free ride. Firearms that are used regularly can be monitored for cleaning and other maintenance issues. They need to be kept in ready to roll status.

The same can be said for the gun user. If you do not practice on a regular schedule, you can lose whatever skills you honed. They go dull, slow, and non-reactive. Shooting practice is paramount for the prepper to be ready for a potential SHTF threat.

So, don’t let yourself or your guns remain idle for very long, lest they become a liability.

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