Homeowner’s Head Shot Halts Home Invasion


Homeowner’s Head Shot Halts Home Invasion

When a 27-year-old crook reportedly illegally entered a house in Lancaster, California and made himself at home on Sunday May 12, 2019, the homeowner ended his criminal career permanently with a single shot to the bad guy’s noggin.

The same miscreant had tried to enter other homes in the area before he made his final mistake.

Doorbell video from [a nearby] home shows the man on a front porch trying to enter.

He eventually entered a home through a first-floor window at the rear of the house and began walking around inside. The couple and their children “heard loud banging noises” which alerted them that something bad was happening.

When the trespasser walked into an upstairs bedroom, the man of the house defended his family by using his firearm with either luck or skill, firing one shot that hit the crook in the brainpan.

On Tuesday, the county coroner’s office… confirmed his cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head.

Nice shooting!

And just like that, the crook stopped invading homes.

Proving that some Californians are not gun-fearing morons, neighbors agreed with the homeowner’s action. Neighbor quotes include, “I’m gonna go get me some more protection,” and “I would do the same thing.”

Smells like progress maybe?

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