John Wick 3’s Pistol


John Wick 3’s Pistol

In all likelihood this is a handgun you’ll probably never get to shoot, let alone own. But then dreams are made of such things. The new John Wick 3 movie in the trilogy (there is already talk of a 4th edition in the works) should be out now in local theaters near you, so go see all the action for yourself. Take a drool towel. You’ll need it for this handgun.

John Wick, for the unknowing, is the prime character played by Keanu Reeves as a professional assassin who works on “marks” given out as contracts for a terminal hit on somebody. Don’t look for a spoiler here, because I don’t give them, but the guns and action sequences in the entire Wick series are works of pure poetic joy with a heavy dash of “Gun Fu” along with action moves that can only be accurately described as precision dance ballet.

Guns for the entire Wick series were designed, created, tested, and actor-trained by an outfit known as TTI or Taran Tactical Innovations (.com). In the latest iteration of the series the prime handgun is a highly-customized STI Combat Master based on STI’s 2011 (as in forward advanced 1911) pistol. Don’t be confused, this pistol is rigged for the 9mm — 23 rounds of them in a standard STI magazine.

Search I might, I could not turn a full name for STI International, a gun company grounded in Texas, but that matters not. Google it to find their website, but the Wick 3 gun is not there (yet), at least not in its full movie design. The Wick 3 pistol seems to be fashioned from their Edge line of semi-autos with much more work done. And I do mean a lot more work.

The TTI-STI Combat Master 2011 has all the outward base appearances of a classic 1911 pistol with a ton of enhancements. Those include special grip texturing all around, an extended magwell with tactical cutouts to facilitate a quick removal and insertion, special slide cutouts and grooving, and a fully adjustable rear sight with a green insert fiber optic front sight. The magazines as mentioned hold 23 rounds of 9mm ammo.

The TTI-STI 2011 comes with 4 magazines with installed TTI basepads to cushion a slam insertion. Custom name engravings embolden the slide giving the pistol a highly distinctive look. The retail rate on the TTI-STI has been set at $3899 and is shipping now if you want a truly unique John Wick 3 movie pistol of your own.

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