Fathers Day: 10 Campsite Essentials You Can Score for Dad for Under $50


Fathers Day: 10 Campsite Essentials You Can Score for Dad for Under $50

If you share a love of the outdoors with your dad, you are no doubt leaning towards picking something up for him this fathers day that you can both enjoy on your next camping trip together. With so many options out there, you won’t need to break the bank to get something that your old man will love. You can easily score something for less than $50 that is useful for camping or around the house.

If you have some camping trips already marked on the books with your dad this summer, they will go a lot smoother with these campsite essentials. Even if you may use only a few or none of these items on a routine camping vacation, your dad will sure be glad you have them when disaster shows up out of nowhere!

After all, weekend getaways are meant to be spontaneous and relaxing. So when you and your dad pull up to your favorite campground this summer, settle in and put your mind at ease knowing all these campsite essentials didn’t break your bank:

1. LED Camping Lantern and Fan

fathers day 1

Buy Here – Price: $15.99

2. Portable Gas Stove

Fathers day 2

Buy Here – Price: $43.88 

3. Camp Kitchen Utensil Organizer

fathers day 3

Buy Here – Price: $24.99

4. 2 Person Hammock

Buy Here – Price: $28.99

5. Bluetooth Speaker

Fathers day 6

Buy Here – Price: $39.94

6. Hatchet

fathers day 7

Buy Here – Price: $32.09

7. Fireproof Campfire Gloves

fathers day 8

Buy Here – Price: $16.29

8. Fire Starter

fathers day 8

Buy Here – Price: $13.70

9. Solar Powered Charger

fathers day 10

Buy Here – Price: $18.99

10. Thermal Coffee Carafe

fathers day 11

Price: $38.95

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