Funny Things Seen at the Gun Shop


Funny Things Seen at the Gun Shop

Whoever said that gun enthusiasts don’t have a sense of humor? If you don’t think so, you need to hang out more at your local gun shop or attend a few gun shows. Sooner than later you are going to see some pretty bizarre stuff or people to go along with it. This is just as true with things posted online every day. You have to keep a smile on when it comes to the world of shooting.

A writer friend from Wisconsin recently posted photos of himself holding one of his EDCs sideways in the “gangsta” style of shooting. You know, the pistol is held flat in the hand. It’s a favorite pose on inner-city gangster movies. The writer guy was proposing to develop a shooting course to teach the proper techniques of shooting the gangsta style.

The funny part came in a reply to his post. Down the page, a guy added a photo of a sales flyer for Birdman Weapons Systems. It appears so real it is funny by itself. The Birdman Weapons Systems promotes its HoMeBoy Nyte Sytes that are glow in the dark pistol sights mounted on the side of the pistol slide. These sights are affixed this way so when using the Gangsta style aiming pose, the pistol sights are actually on top. Too funny.

Birdman goes further with its mantra offering “unfriendly products for an unfriendly world.” They offer the ShotCaller 2000 9mm Telephone. It fires one shot into the ear of whoever answers it. I wonder if it has caller I.D.?

Then there is the Mountain Dew Shotgun. This rig will launch full cans of your favorite soft drink, especially green Mountain Dew, at extremely high velocity. I am not completely sure why anyone would want to turn a can full of soda into a speedy projectile, but imagine the impact at the other end. Talk about candy crush.

Finally from Birdman is their Nuke 50 Micronuclear device that apparently emits “a mind bending MicroNuclear blast in a tiny, convenient and affordable package.” One can only assume from their limited description that the Nuke 50 creates some kind of extraordinary high frequency sound that ought to get everyone’s attention at the church social.

Though these items are admittedly a hoax, there are many other products out there just as suspect. Consider the slidefire stocks for example, which have gleaned considerable criticism from users in the gun community. You just have to keep your guard up and keep your sense of humor intact.

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