ASAP Electronic Mag Loader From Butler Creek


ASAP Electronic Mag Loader From Butler Creek

So you need to load AR magazines with 5.56/223 ammo — a LOT of them. What to do? Well, there are plenty of options around, but here’s one that does the work itself: The new ASAP Electronic Magazine Loader from Butler Creek.

(Image: Butler Creek)

They say it’s now shipping; here’s some info from yesterday’s press release:

Butler Creek is excited to announce the ASAP Electronic Magazine Loader (EML) is now available at retailers online and in stores.

The 223/5.56 ASAP EML is the only product of its kind, and it is made with serious competitors and training facilities in mind. Users simply fill the 60-round hopper with loose 223/5.56 rounds, select the desired round count, insert a magazine, and press a button. The machine automatically orients the ammunition and loads the magazine. Loading does not get any easier.

‘The Butler Creek ASAP Electronic Magazine Loader is on the cutting edge,’ said Will Hemeyer, Butler Creek Senior Product Manager. ‘The EML represents our commitment to exceeding the expectations of accessory products used for magazine loading. For those looking for a fast and easy way to load rounds, the Butler Creek Electronic Magazine Loader is the perfect choice.’

With an easy-to-set round selection menu from 1 to 40*, the ASAP Electronic Magazine Loader is faster, more accurate and easier on the thumbs than hand-loading. It can load 30 rounds in 45 seconds, while users concentrate on other tasks or instruction. It works with most AR15/M16 magazines and offers dual power supply via an AC adapter or lithium-ion batteries.

It has a MSRP of $442.95.

Note that although one of the videos below (and the FAQ) indicate that you can load as many as 45 rounds, the info in the press release and on the website says it’s 40.

You can power it with lithium batteries or plug it in to 120v AC power via the included AC adapter.

(Image: Butler Creek)

They say you should NOT use this loader with steel-case ammo or “really aggressive hollow point ammunition.”

The hopper isn’t really all that large, only holding 60 rounds at a time. It’s an interesting idea.

Check out these videos and let us know what you think in the comments below. Would you buy this loader? What loader(s) do you use when you need to stoke up a bunch of mags for a competition or range day?

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