The North American Arms Ranger II


The North American Arms Ranger II

Derringers are a bit of a misnomer in today’s gun world. Sure, the two-shot over-and-under vest pocket or sleeve guns still exist, but they have been greatly improved upon. Their mission however remains roughly the same. Extreme close-quarters defense, backup to a primary weapon, or simply deep-pocket security is the primary role these guns perform now.

Among the best of the best of these mini-sized handguns are the many models manufactured in Provo, Utah by North American Arms. There are enough versions of these diminutive pocket guns to satisfy anybody’s need for one, either by law enforcement for serious work, personal defense carry at home or work, for preppers and survivalists, pest control, or a backpack gun for hunting, fishing, hiking and such. Their applications are many.

New in the NAA lineup is a different kind of design for this gun company. The Ranger II is a break-open revolver like the British break-tops or the classic Schofield revolver, but of course in a much smaller package and chambered for rimfire cartridges.

The Ranger II comes under the model designation NAA-22MBTII250, whatever all that is about. Basically, it is a top break five-shot stainless steel revolver with a total length of six inches and a weight of 7.7 ounces, chambered in either the 22 Long Rifle or more popularly the 22 Magnum (22 WMR).

The NAA Ranger II has a 2.5 inch barrel for easy pocket carry or hiding elsewhere. The front sight is a bead for focusing down the frame top and barrel. The gun is a simple single-action: Cock the hammer and squeeze the trigger.

Though all NAA guns are small by design, they are not uncomfortable to grip, aim, and shoot. There are numerous grip options. The Ranger II comes stock with rosewood boot grips according to NAA. They are a bit of a bird’s head type grip as seen on some western-style sixguns. Though the gun is small, there is plenty of grip to hang onto.

The Ranger II is a great little gun for a variety of tasks. I have a prepper friend who carries one every day and I mean every day. He may sleep with it. In 22 Magnum for face-to-face action, there is enough power to slow the progress of attackers. That gives time for additional shots or a speedy escape. That after all is what the Ranger II is for. See

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