SHTF Security First


SHTF Security First

Preppers and survivalists debate and argue all the time about disaster priorities. What comes first and second and so forth when it comes to prepper planning and preparedness? For my vote, I say security is the first and highest priority. Why?

Let’s say we have a classic textbook catastrophic failure of society, even in a localized situation. You saw recently where a woman literally destroyed a food store when the EBT card machine was not working. She went wild tearing everything off the shelves, and throwing food on the floors. Even the store manager could not stop her.

What if that event kicked off a city-wide riot? What if gangs of welfare-entitlement thugs started rampaging across the city? They hit all the stores, crashing windows and taking whatever they can, just like the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Local police would become quickly overcome, and if it required the National Guard to quell the riot, that could be hours or days away. What if these rioters turned to residential neighborhoods as soft targets of opportunity?

Under these conditions, the city is hostage and shut down. You are sheltering in place at home if you were unable to bug out in time to escape. With everything you own and worked hard for at home, you elect to harden up and lock down inside until things improve.

Now what becomes your number one prepper priority? It’s a no-brainer. While you need all the other prep necessities to bunker at home and “you can’t eat guns and ammo,” those supplies are useless unless you can defend them with equal and opposite force. In this and all SHTF conditions, security has to be the first priority.

When prepping you should certainly prepare for any potential natural or unnatural SHTF event. Collect your water resources, food to last a month or more, medicines and medical supplies, communication devices such weather radios, FM/AM radios, cell phones, and consumables such as paper products, batteries, and other such hardware you might need.

As you do that though, first prepare your bug-in and its inhabitants for security and defense. Plan well ahead how to lock down and harden the house, doors, windows, etc. Have plenty of appropriate weapons & ammo and the knowledge of their use.

If you put security first, you may just outlast a SHTF event.

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