Swalwell: Limit Ammo Possession to 200 Rounds


Swalwell: Limit Ammo Possession to 200 Rounds

Just in case you were thinking maybe Eric Swalwell would make a good president, you may be interested in an article posted today describing Swalwell’s rabid anti-gun ambitions.

Democrat presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell (D-CT) used a Monday speech to reveal his hopes to ban the individual ownership of more than 200 rounds of any given caliber of ammunition.

He outlined his plan to the 18 people who showed up to hear him talk near NRA headquarters.

The Washington Examiner reported that Swalwell also made clear he plans to ban bump stocks, although they are already banned, and to ban “high capacity” magazines, the sale of ammunition online, and the purchase of more than one handgun each month.

He also wants to put a 48-hour waiting period in place for gun purchases and repeal the law protecting gun manufacturers from being sued frivolously.

These controls are on top of Swalwell’s ongoing push for a mandatory buyback of all AR-15s, AK-47s, and other commonly-owned semiautomatic rifles.

This is the same guy who proposed using nuclear weapons on American gun owners who wish to resist such notions.

What’s it going to take for Americans to become fed up with the buffoons and control freaks perpetually being foisted upon us by the two-party “R vs. D” system?

Most Americans believe that only an R or a D can win. But that is only true as long as they continue to believe it. Dare to dissent, my friends.

Whether R or D inhabits the White House, our lives continue to become more controlled, less free, more heavily taxed. This has been proven repeatedly even in my lifetime. Yes, Democrats seem worse on liberty, but it’s Trump (R) who’s been banning gun stuff by edict.

We deserve better choices.

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