Tristar’s Bullpup Shotgun


Tristar’s Bullpup Shotgun

In terms of ultimate shotgun firepower, the TriStar Compact Shotgun certainly fills the bill. This AK-platform shotgun brings the same reliability and performance of the classic type AK rifles. In this case, it brings with it the 12-gauge shotgun chambering.

Designated as a “compact” shotgun, the TriStar is only 30 inches in overall length with a 20-inch barrel. It uses box-type polymer detachable magazines and comes with two 5-round Saiga-type mags. It can handle larger-capacity magazines that are available in the marketplace.

The TriStar’s 12 gauge chamber is sized to accommodate up to 3-inch shells, so it will handle shotshells for a wide range of applications. This semi-auto shotgun can shoot standard field loads up to slugs interchangeably. Though one might think such a bullpup configuration is more for defensive use or protection, it certainly could be used for hunting.

This would make a good platform for preppers and survivalists for many uses afield, bug in or bug out.

This shotgun also features a choke tube system. The choke threads are based on Beretta and Benelli threads, so chokes for those guns should work well. Included with the shotgun is one extended and ported cylinder bore choke tube. Other features include a rubber recoil pad, sling attachment points, and a fixed carry handle.

The Picatinny rail on top of the receiver is set with open sights front and rear. These sights are of the flip-up BUIS type. There is also a short rail section installed on the lower unit forward of the trigger guard assembly. This would be suitable for a light or a laser. The mag release paddle is set just behind the magazine well.

Remember with a bullpup format, some of the controls might appear to be in an odd position, but the firearm’s configuration with the mag well behind the trigger group and the AK-type safety lever to the rear does make sense. It just takes a little familiarization to get used to how it handles.

Speaking of the safety, it is located on the right side right below the ejection port. When the safety is ON, it blocks the trigger, the hammer lever, and the hammer. This makes the entire firing operation suspended from fire mode.

The TriStar Compact Bullpup Shotgun is a neat package. With an extended magazine in place, its firepower is considerable. Engaging via a shoulder sling shooting hold, it would be formidable.

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