Why Should Anyone Listen to Paul Harrel?


Why Should Anyone Listen to Paul Harrel?

In this video, Paul Harrell answers one of those questions people love to ask, which is, “Just who the heck is HE to tell us stuff about guns? Why should anyone listen to Paul Harrel?”

He’s reticent on the subject, but in this case he goes ahead and outlines his qualifications regarding firearms and the use thereof. He’s received a lot of training and he’s won a fair number of shooting competitions, but I’ll let him tell you about it:

I spent twenty years in the military. In my initial enlistment, I was in the active duty Marine Corp for 4 years. I had an infantry MOS I was an 0311, but I spent a couple of years as a combat marksmanship instructor in the Marine Corp Security Forces School. So as such, I had to have training and education beyond what normal Marines were getting at that time.

So in addition to basic training, infantry school, and so on, I also went to a couple of citizen schools, such as the Ray Chapman Academy of Practical Shooting and a course at Gunsite. I also went to the Navy’s CRF school (that’s a S.W.A.T. school) and I got sent to a Marine Corp school called “the Formal Schools Instructor Course,” where you learn to create class outlines, and select tasks for training, and create a curriculum — and teach classes…

Anyway, when I got out of the Marine Corp I went into the reserve component of the military, specifically the Oregon Army National Guard…

Okay, that’s enough quoting. Paul talks pretty fast and I don’t type that way, so you’ll want to watch the video for yourself if you’ve read this far.

Bottom line: Paul Harrell knows stuff.

He also touches on the subjects of eye and ear protection and how viewers can financially support his video channel. This video has been out for a couple years but like most of his work, it still contains good info.


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