More Than 100 Years for Home Invader Who Beat a Woman With a Crowbar


More Than 100 Years for Home Invader Who Beat a Woman With a Crowbar

A violent criminal who forced his way into the Virginia home of a woman in her 60s and severely beat her with a crowbar has reportedly received a sentence of more than 100 years behind bars. Sadly, the victim was a gun owner, but the bad guy got to her gun before she did.

He had already told her he was going to kill her. After he got the gun, he turned it on the woman.

I said, ‘Oh honey don’t do that. Don’t shoot me.’ And that’s when he turned around and left. [laughs] ‘I mean, I’m the only person in the world who’d call someone “honey” when they’re pointin’ a gun at me.’

So close.

Back to the sentencing:

Teresa Arthur Moore testified [the crook] forced his way into her Charleston home with a crowbar in April 2018 and beat her. Moore’s purse, a loaded gun, and some jewelry were stolen. Police found the purse at [the suspect’s] home and two of Moore’s rings in his pocket.

A jury convicted [him] of burglary, robbery, assault, felony use of a firearm, and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.

Keeping him off the streets is great, but I can’t help thinking how much better this could have been if she’d had her gun nearby when she really needed it.

Arm yourselves. Defend yourselves.

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