Make Your Very Own Cheese Ball Machine Gun


Make Your Very Own Cheese Ball Machine Gun

YouTuber NightHawkInLight does some cool stuff, and this is one of them. Early in the video, entitled, “How To Make A Cheese Ball Machine Gun,” viewers are offered some good advice:

If you need to ask why anyone would want a cheese ball machinegun, you should probably turn back now.

I have to agree! And no, I did not turn back.

It looks pretty straightforward, but it’s tricky. Dropping light, fluffy, delicious snack spheres into a pipe through which high-velocity air is flowing requires a bit of trickery to the air flow, which he explains succinctly and well. Heck, the whole video is only 4 minutes long but if you have any mechanical inclination at all, you will be able to build your own cheeseball machine gun after viewing it.

You’re welcome.

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