Happy Independence Day to the USA!


Happy Independence Day to the USA!

One holiday enjoyed by most Americans regardless of race or religion is Independence Day. The vast majority of us can agree it’s a great time to visit and eat good food with friends and family. While we’re doing that, let us not forget the reason for the day: Armed citizens stood up against an overbearing government — and won.

We Americans must remain vigilant and perform the role our Founders intended for us, which is basically “riding herd” on our government. Hold those with public power accountable for their actions, both good and bad.

Today, enjoy yourself. Keep an eye on your dogs and their well-being while fireworks are booming; 15 years ago today, a longtime pet dug out from under our fence and was never seen by us again.

By all means, enjoy your firearms today — as long as you’re firing into a good safe backstop. Remember, what goes up must come down.

Today and every day, let’s all try to be worthy of the many sacrifices made by our forefathers.

Happy Independence Day.

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