A New Way to Tote Your AR


A New Way to Tote Your AR

Everyday users of AR-15 type rifles are always tweaking the ways they carry their rifle or carbine. As you know, there are virtually endless ways to tote an AR given the different kinds of slings and sling attachment options on the market. Most ARs are probably carried via some type of nylon or synthetic sling that is attached to the rifle with the sling over the shoulder.

Options for that include single, double, or even triple point attachments, so the AR can be carried in a variety of ways. These carry options present the firearm in a ready-to-use fashion so the operator has the gun hanging down to one side, in front of the torso, a conventional over-one-shoulder carry, or slung across the chest. Those carry options are status quo.

Now, a new system has been developed by Stratus Support Systems of Huntsville, Texas that offers a virtually hands-free carry option. The Stratus Support Systems device is installed on an AR rifle behind the receiver ahead of the buffer tube assembly. This device includes a protruding “knuckle” (as they term it) which hooks or locks into a receiver mount that is hung over a conventional pants belt, or on a Molle attachment point on a vest.

The Stratus Support System allows for easy hands-free carry. The weapon is held just at the right position for comfortable weight and balance. It is also held securely in a position for ready access when needed. In this mode the rifle can also be equipped with a sling or not as is the choice of the user.

This rifle retention system is secure and the gun will not come out of the knuckle receiver until the user removes it. When released, the knuckle does not interfere with pointing, aiming, charging, or firing the weapon. Meanwhile, the hands-free condition permits the user to have full use of both hands and arms for other duties or actions.

The SSS retention system also greatly reduces carry fatigue or shoulder or neck binding by using a standard type sling attachment. Your weapon also does not swing around uncontrolled. It is easy to place one hand on the rifle grip for added control when having to move, dodge, or run in action as required in duty use. Check out this new system at www.stratussupportsystems.com.

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