Disabled Libertarian: “Colt Made Me Equal”


Disabled Libertarian: “Colt Made Me Equal”

In a recent article entitled, “Colt Made Me Equal: A Disabled Libertarian’s Case For Gun Ownership,” Caleb Shumate discusses the fact that cerebral palsy keeps him in a wheelchair and that 1) he is more vulnerable to violent crime, 2) there are people who actively seek to kill the disabled, and 3) the Founders of the USA very clearly intended every American be armed and able to resist government tyranny.

I have always been a strong advocate for gun rights. Because of my disability, I realize probably better than most people that individual firearm ownership is foundational to self-preservation and the protection of private property. Given my position in life, I understand just how precious and necessary gun ownership is.

Let’s face the facts. Despite being strong in my upper body, my cerebral palsy puts me at a natural disadvantage when it comes to defending my right to exist against those who might seek to rob me of it.

He’s not paranoid; people really do seek to kill people simply because they are disabled. He cites a case in which a Japanese man used a knife to kill 19 and injure 25 in a facility for the disabled. His stated goal? “A world in which, in cases where it is difficult for the severely disabled to live at home and be socially active, they can be euthanized with the consent of their guardians.”

How can any disabled person resist a determined assault by an able-bodied and strong assailant?

With. A. Gun.

Our forefathers had incredibly radical views on gun ownership by today’s standards. They knew without the unrestrained private ownership of firearms, a tyrannical government could easily trample on the liberty of the citizens of the newly formed republic.

I, like the founders of this great country, understand that every gun law is an infringement on my right to defend myself. I will fight for the restoration of the second amendment’s original intent because it quite literally preserves my life and liberty. The gun is my equalizer when it comes to self-defense. It makes me equal to otherwise able-bodied men.

I am living proof of the oft quoted words that ‘God made all men, but Samuel Colt made them equal.’

Well said, Mr. Shumate.

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